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Please follow the steps below to upgrade Infopark Rails Connector to version 6.8.0: Localization files From version 6.7.3, Ruby on Rails localization files are no longer included in Infopark Rails Connector packages.

For running a Rails Connector application in a different language than English, localization files are required.

def configure_permitted_parameters devise_parameter_sanitizer.permit(:sign_up) do |user| user.permit(:username, :email, :role, :password, :password_confirmation) end devise_parameter_sanitizer.permit(:sign_in) do |user| user.permit(:username, :password, :remember_me) end devise_parameter_sanitizer.permit(:account_update) do |user| user.permit(:username, :email, :role, :current_password, :password, :password_confirmation) end end A deprecation message appeared when I updated to Ruby 2.2.5 and Rails 4.2.7 along with Devise 4.2.0 and Rspec 3.5: To handle this, in the rspec configuration, I needed to replace this (just as the message said): Out of curiosity I was wondering if there are any changes to the default files created by the Devise generators on a new install.

The following are from diffs between version 3.5.5 and 4.2.0.

Active Record is the M in MVC - the model - which is the layer of the system responsible for representing business data and logic.

The Rails application as such must have been upgraded to Rails 3.2 before the Rails Connector is upgraded to version 6.8.0.Active Record gives us several mechanisms, the most important being the ability to: When writing applications using other programming languages or frameworks, it may be necessary to write a lot of configuration code.This is particularly true for ORM frameworks in general.And in the process, you’ll learn how to take full advantage of Rails 4.2’s new features.You should always start your Rails upgrade by reading the Rails Upgrade Guide.

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