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The perceived seriousness of the conflict was manipulated, and the study explored how this perception affected the emotion of guilt.

We also analyzed the effect of dependency on the intensity of experienced guilt.

These long-standing psych veterans lay down a heady psych groover on the A-side that in some ways comes off sounding like a long lost track from the Pretty Things' classic 'S. The vinyl debut for The Beginner's Mynd picks up right where the band left off from their cassette EP on Burger Records, and presents the Washington DC-based trio in fine form.

On the flipside, the group travels into a hazy, dreamier realm of psychedelia that channels some strong Paisley vibes in the vein of Opal and Mazzy Star.

Conflict is inherent to all types of interpersonal relationships.

The interdependence that characterizes romantic relationships is related to the way that men and women perceive intimate partner conflict.

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In the Iron Age, present-day Slovenia was inhabited by Illyrian and Celtic tribes until the 1st century BC, when the Romans conquered the region establishing the provinces of Pannonia and Noricum.This band mixed death metal with ancient Egyptian vibes. Picking up right where they left off from their previous singles, this power trio from Monterey, California displays once again some great heavy psych moves, akin' to the heavy psych/hard rock sounds that emerged in the late 1960s and early '70s.Mind Meld's melodic brand of heavy garage-psych is catchier and more fully-realized than what 99.9% of their peers come up with, and those hooks will grab you like a paddle cactus quill and bury themselves deep under your skin, but there will be no pain. Both tracks bear the same title, not only due to the way they both complement each other, but also in the sense of "visitation" as a reconnection with the heavy psych sounds of days past in order to create music now that is at once as immediate yet remains timeless.For fans of The Gories, The Stooges, Hawkwind, Edgar Broughton Band, modern garage and psychedelic rock. Echo-laden vocals and thick layers of gloriously reverberated psychedelia glide along Byrds-like guitar jangle to create a tapestry of sound in the vein of the Electric Prunes and 'S. Think not only of well-known heavy-hitter groups like Blue Cheer for a comparison here, but also of a myriad of obscure representatives of the psychedelic '60s, with colourful names such as Orange Wedge, Glass Sun and Twentieth Century Zoo, and connect the dots!The release of 'Lamentations', presented on 10-inch vinyl, completes Father Murphy's 2015 'Trilogy Of The Cross'.

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