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But what actually makes this “courtship” particularly interesting is who Trinidad James’ new arm candy actually is.While James’ new Blonde Becky isn’t a “celebrity” like how he is now, she is famous in her own right.

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She has released her debut project EP which is entitled Bad Intentions.

Niykee Heaton is considered by many to be a rising talent in the industry, but like most artists, she's having major issues with her label.

In a very personal open letter posted on her You Tube, Heaton went into detail about the troubles she and her manager have had with her label, All Def Digital, since she signed a year and a half ago.

Apparently, the girl’s name is Niykee Heaton and she’s a popular You Tube singer who does acoustic covers of popular songs from the radio.

And of course, she also has a cover of Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” — which is what probably caught the budding rapper’s attention and put her on his radar in the first place.

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