Bitdefender still says expired after updating

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This is by far and wide the worst anti-virus/spam/malware, etc I have ever used. I would advise anyone whose looking for something better to try Bitdefender you will NOT be disappointed! Because I am still the boss and in full control of my PC whilst Bit Defender is shielding my PC. For over the last five years I have been using Bit Defender I don't have any virus, any breakdown on my PC's firewall defences and also whilst surfing the internet every single attack wanting to break into My PC has spectacularly failed.

If you like constant notifications, a user menu that is impossible to navigate, and constantly having normal files put in 'the vault' as if they are carrying some virus, then by all means... This is not a review on the capabilities of Bitdefender. So I stumbled upon Bitdefender, and now I am happy with the layer of security that I have, I've had absolutely NO problems, ZERO! After I run the trials I again decide to arm my PC with the Bit Defender Total Security.

Take a look a the Anti Virus titles at Here's why I use Ninite. common.

Two examples: Help Subscription Auto Renewal Policy Page for Office 365 for a Data Service Would you talk about Microsoft scam and Verizon scam here? It's somehow inherent to a subscription that's it's renewed until you cancel.

I have been using Bitdefender for a while now and have had no negative issues at all, it's a very capable and effective program that happily works in the background using minimal​ system resources. Bit Defender has been very gentle and has been working in tandem with the Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) I have on my PC.

Please tell us the ticket ID, or the purchase order number for your Bitdefender product, so we can find the case and investigate what happened. Only problem is the boot time decreases and takes a minute or two for the application to load after booting and sometimes it also blocks software which are not malware and have to stop or exclude it from scanning . And the support crew if you ever need to contact them are top notch. Every year when the renewal date is near I do a search on the internet and read all of the reviews about the PC security packages available on the market.

Many other antivirus utilities share that price point, just below , among them Kaspersky, Norton, and Webroot Secure Anywhere Anti Virus.

Mc Afee's base price is .99 per year, but that lets you install antivirus protection on all the Windows, mac OS, Android, and i OS devices in your household.

Log into Bitdefender Central, enter your product key, and download protection. During the installation process, it runs a quick scan for active malware.You would be rather amazed if you lost your Office 365 service (and data) automatically after using it a year.Better read the small print when signing up to something.I check forums and the Bitdefender site and applied some changes to the firewall (setting to "stealth" mode and un-checking port blocking).This seemed to reduce the time to 5-10 seconds for the next couple days.

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