Access updating

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If you make an item public (that is, share it with everyone), it is accessible by everyone, including anonymous users, even if your organization does not allow anonymous access to its website. User identity is established through a login process that always takes place over HTTPS.Access to items shared only with a private group requires that you have shared the item with that group and that group members are logged in. Subsequent access to information requires authentication tokens acquired at sign in and takes place over HTTP.This guide explains how to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux Open Stack Platform 7 in an enterprise environment using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Open Stack Platform Director.This includes installing the director, planning your environment, and creating an Open Stack environment with the director.

Those that are using RHN Classic management functions via the web or RHN Satellite 5.4 and earlier or Red Hat Satellite 5.6 and later should choose RHN Classic for now.If you currently are using Netscape to access NSLDS, you can continue with this browser, however, it is no longer supported.Individual without these job related responsibilities should immediately be deleted from NSLDS access., you have the option of leaving them unshared or, depending on your sharing privileges and the security settings of your organization, sharing items with groups, your organization, or everyone.You can also share an item with a combination of your organization, groups, and everyone.

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